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Career at adL

Career at adL

1)Our Human Resources Policy

 The Human Resources Department was set up to find employees who will grow up and develop with us by discovering themselves in a continuous development culture.

Our main goal is to evaluate our employees according to performance management and career planning in accordance with scientific methods and rewarding their success.

 2)Selection and Placement

 Applications are accepted through announcements published in career portals; Kariyer.net, Secret CV, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts. For store positions, you may apply directly to the stores.

Our select and placement process is performed according to the position by following the steps below:

  • Collect applications
  • Review applications and resumes
  • Online First Interview
  • Technic and Behavioral Inventories
  • Evaluation Center Applications
  • Foreign Language Exam
  • One-to-one and/or Panel Interviews

 All candidates are evaluated according to the objective criterias and applications are protected by privacy policy.

3)Training and Development 

Orientation Program

 Adil Işık Group's new employee are supported with one-on-one job orientation as of the first day of their work. Our training process continues throughout their entire careers to develop their own qualities and potentials.

 Future Leaders Program

 As the Leadership and Development School, we train new generation managers within the "Future Leaders" program.

 In 2017, over 100 employees have been assigned to the executive positions as a graduate of "Future Leaders" program.

 Technical and Professional Development Program

 Technical and Professional Development Program, which varies according to the departments and positions of our employees, aims to increase professional knowledge and skills, covering all our employees.

 Leadership and Development School

 As Leadership and Development School, we prepare many internal and external programs to develop new generation, effective and pioneer leaders by analyzing our employee’s leadership and managerial skills.

4)Performance and Career Management

  "Competency Based Performance Assessment Process" is carried out 3 times a year to reward achievements and identify development areas for our employees. These evaluations are used to make our employees development and career plans.

 For applications, you can share your resumes with us; liderlikvegelisimokulu@adilisik.com