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Career at adL

Career at adL

1)What kind of qualifications do we expect from our employees?

We prefer to work with sincere, warm, self-sufficient, dynamic, people oriented, fair and sharing employees.

2)What do we contribute to the personal growth of our employees?

We care about our employees. All our HR practices aims to contribute to our employees both professionally and personally. . Our science-based processes like planning, selecting, recruiting, charging in service units, determining the competences, preparing training plans to meet the demands, performance measuring and development systems are applicable to all employees and no doubt contributes to their career and personal development.

3)What are the career goals?

A career development plan is being created for each employee in the firm. After having been included in the performance assessment process, appropriate action plans are prepared and sure applied.

4)What is our human resources policy?

On the way of being a company that keeps its leader position in the retail sector by increasing capacity, meets the expectations of stakeholders, values its employees, open to change, uses its resources efficiently, susceptible to occupational health and safety, complies with quality standards, has an continuously improving technology, powers from the creativity of employees; we build partnerships with our human resources in the best way.

5)After applying to a vacancy, what kind of an assesstment processes is followed?

First, all applications are carefully examined and interviews are organized with the candidates in accordance with their competences. Human resources officials attend the preliminary negotiations. The process is being conducted with a second interview, between the candidates and the relevant department managers. HR officials also attends to these meetings. After all interviews, a reference search is conducted for the succesfull candidates. At the end of the process, the job offer is made by an official letter signed by recruitment manager. An employees career in adL launches with an orientation training.

6)For all applications, you can send your resume to adlbasvuru@gmail.com.